Dosing and Home Delivery

Automated Medication Dosing from Our Pharmacy in Espoo

Pre-dosed medications make taking medications easier.

Our pharmacy provides automated medication dosing services, which are especially suitable for individuals with ongoing medication treatment involving multiple medications.

Automated medication dosing offers several benefits:

  • Two weeks' worth of medications are pre-packaged in single-dose pouches with the date and time clearly marked, making medication intake smooth.
  • The dosing service includes medication assessment, ensuring compatibility with prescribed medications, minimizing medication side effects, and making medication intake safe.
  • Dosing is cost-effective, as customers only pay for the delivered medications.
  • Automated medication handling is also hygienic.

For more detailed information about the service, feel free to inquire with our staff – welcome!

Medication Home Delivery

Conveniently delivered medications right to your doorstep.

If you are unable to visit our pharmacy in person, you can take advantage of our home delivery service. We deliver medications and other pharmacy products to the Niittykumpu area in Espoo. The starting price for home delivery is 14,88 euros (inc. VAT 24%).

We are happy to provide more information – get in touch or come and visit us!

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Check Medication Availability with the Medication Search Service

The Medication Search Service allows you to check the availability of the medication you need, not only from our pharmacy but also from other pharmacies. The search service is easy to use and provides information about availability as well as the interchangeability of the medication. If you need guidance on using the service, we are happy to assist!

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