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Medications and Medication Advice at Our Pharmacy in Espoo

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Do you need guidance on choosing medications, using them safely, and storing them properly? Are you curious about other medication-related matters?

From the professionals at Niitty Pharmacy, you can get up-to-date medication advice, whether it's about prescription or over-the-counter medications. We also provide essential information on topics such as drug interactions and frequently asked questions about medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our pharmaceutical staff can assist you with questions related to Kela reimbursements as well.

We are ready to help with any topic related to medication treatment. You are warmly welcome – see you in Niittykumpu, Espoo!

We Accept Medication Waste

Our pharmacy has a collection point for medication waste where you can bring expired and unused medications free of charge. All medications returned to us are disposed of as hazardous waste. If medications have been in the customer's possession, they cannot be resold. This practice is based on the Medicines Act and guidance provided to pharmacies by authorities.

Please note the following when returning expired and unused medications:

  • Remove labels and other patient information from medication packaging.
  • Pack medications in transparent and airtight plastic bags whenever possible.
  • You can remove medications from their original packaging, but tablets and capsules in blister packs do not need to be separated. If medications were in glass or plastic jars, sort the jars into their own collection points.
  • Store liquid medications in their original packaging whenever possible and pack them in separate plastic bags.
  • Always return iodine tablets and other iodine-containing medications in a separate transparent plastic bag in their original packaging. Iodine-containing preparations include, for example, Jodix tablets as well as Betadine and Iodosorb preparations.
  • Return mercury-containing thermometers separately from medication waste. If a mercury thermometer is broken, seal it in an airtight glass jar, for example.
  • Pack syringes and needles separately for safety reasons, for example, in an empty plastic bottle or an airtight container. Always return them separately from medication waste.

Please note that the pharmacy does not accept chemicals, hair spray bottles, battery-operated thermometers, or other electrical devices, batteries, etc. Only medication waste, mercury-containing thermometers, syringes, and needles are accepted for return.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Check the Availability of Your Medications with the Medication Search Service

Niitty Pharmacy is part of the Medication Search Service. With its help, you can check if the medication you need is available at your chosen pharmacy. In addition to availability, the service also provides information on the interchangeability of the medication. If you need assistance using the service, we are happy to guide you!

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